D2C Brand FreshToHome's Playbook For Success In UAE

Revenue Surge

FreshToHome doubled its revenue to ₹1,300 Cr in 2 years, with 12% of this from the UAE market.

Initial Challenges

The company faced challenges like cultural differences and stringent regulations in overseas markets.

Crucial Lesson Learned

Shan Kadavil identified that brand loyalty advantages and an attractive moat are vital for cross-border success.

Target Market Identification

Pinpoint the right target market and focus on unmet needs for successful international expansion.

Building Local Support

Establish strong local support networks and engage with regional  investors with powerful connections.

Strategic Focus

Prioritize Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) over Total Addressable Market (TAM) and ensure global regulatory compliance.

Playbook for Success

FreshToHome's strategy offers a guide for D2C brands, emphasizing tailored approaches for international growth.

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