D2C Brand Cosmix's Plant Protein Formula Providing Holistic Care To Indians


Cosmix offers a wide range of solutions for gut and hormonal health, immunity and energy, skin and hair care and more.

Authentic Ingredients

It uses superfoods and herbs specially procured from all over the globe, and its formulations are well-researched by expert herbalists and agriculturalists.


Its plant protein blends and all-natural supplements are sold on the Cosmix website, ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, offline retail outlets, cafés and gyms. 


Cosmix offers plant protein mixes in 8 flavors and CFTRI-certified spirulina-peanut bars. Developed with The Spirulina Foundation, distributed through anganwadis to children aged 2-12 under.

What's Next

The D2C wellness brand will educate consumers for informed health choices, invest in R&D, and aid 50K Indian children via 'Nutrition For All' in 2024. Aiming to be a trusted brand, it plans to export by 2025.

Cosmix Promises ‘Wellness’ From Within, Offers Plant Protein Supplements For Holistic Care