Can Zerodha Maintain Its Dominance In The Stock Brokerage Market?

Dominance Challenged

Zerodha once led the online trading market with an unassailable user base. But Groww disrupted the market with aggressive user acquisition using VC funds.

Pandemic Boom

The pandemic spurred online trading, benefiting Groww and others. Zerodha reached 6.5M users by mid-2022, while Groww had 4.4M users.

Growth Trajectories

By March 2023, Zerodha’s user growth stalled at 6.4M. Groww, however, surged to 5.4M users and surpassed Zerodha by September 2023.

Technical Glitches

Zerodha faced numerous outages between 2021 and 2023, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Rivals like Groww, Upstox, and Angel One fared better on this front.

Industry Challenges

Outages affected multiple platforms, but Zerodha received more attention due to its prominent position. High-profile founders also keep the company in the spotlight.

Competitive Landscape

Zerodha’s competitors are growing. Groww now has 10M active investors, while Angel One and Upstox are also expanding rapidly.

Financial Pressure

Despite its revenue growth, Zerodha's user base is not growing as quickly. Rising competition and tech issues may threaten its long-term stability.

Zerodha’s Downtime Blues