Can Indus Become The "Atmanirbhar" App Store Of India? 

What Is Indus?

Launched by PhonePe on Feb 21, 2024, Indus Appstore offers a hyper-localised, affordable marketplace in 12 Indian languages, zero commissions for the first year and other features.

PhonePe's Challenge

PhonePe's new app store aims to topple Google Play Store. Experts are skeptical due to Google's stronghold in the Android ecosystem.

Google's Dominance

Google's agreements with OEMs ensure its dominance in the Android market, making it hard for alternative app stores to thrive.

Security Warnings

Android's security warnings for third-party app installations deter users and force developers to rely on Google Play Store.

Global Antitrust Issues

Google faces antitrust challenges worldwide, including fines in India and investigations in Europe and South Korea.

Developer Costs

High commissions on in-app purchases make Google Play Store costly for startups. Alternatives are being investigated but remain expensive.

Future Prospects

PhonePe and Indus need to offer a superior user and developer experience to compete with Google. Their success depends on convincing stakeholders to switch.

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