Can Gladful’s High Protein Foods Transform The Indian Breakfast Scene?

Protein Deficit in India

India's protein intake is much lower than recommended, with 80% of Indians not meeting daily requirements, leading to health issues like muscle loss and anaemia.

Cultural Food Habits

India has 38-40% vegetarians, impacting protein intake due to traditional diets lacking sufficient protein sources, contributing to the national protein deficit.

Parul Sharma's Journey

Parul Sharma discovered her son's protein deficiency in 2020 and started seeking natural, protein-rich food alternatives within her kitchen to address the issue.

Founding Gladful

Parul and her brother Manu founded Gladful in 2021, focusing on sprouted lentils, legumes, and grains to create delicious, protein-packed vegetarian foods.

Market Growth

India's protein product market is projected to reach $150.8Bn by 2032.

Boost from Shark Tank India

Gladful's appearance on Shark Tank India significantly boosted sales and visibility, with investments from sharks enhancing the startup’s growth.

Future Plans

Gladful aims to expand its breakfast portfolio and ecommerce presence, with plans to pilot offline sales in Jaipur within the next 12 months.

How D2C Brand Gladful Is Reinventing Indian Breakfast With High Protein Foods