Can Fantasy Gaming Startups Bounce Back This IPL?

2023's Numbers

During IPL 2023, fantasy gaming touched 61 Mn users, 35% of these were new to fantasy gaming. Achieving this number now, is very difficult. Here's why: 

GST Woes

Real money gaming faces a tax nightmare, with startups possibly facing an extra INR 45,000 Cr liability, notably impacting fantasy apps.

A Muted IPL?

The GST clarification brings revenue decline and significant tax exposure, possibly leading to a subdued IPL 2024 for fantasy gaming apps.

Startups Hit With Yorker

Since GST clarity in August last year, customer acquisition slowed in the past six months. Dream11, MyTeam11, MPL, Zupee, WinZO, Rush by Hike faced cutbacks, including layoffs, reflecting the industry's challenges.

Marketing On Mute

Fantasy gaming startups, once known for extravagant IPL sponsorships and cricketer endorsements, have taken a quieter stance this year, reflecting a calmer marketing approach.

The usually loud and bombastic fantasy gaming marketing machine is giving this IPL a miss.