Can Byju Raveendran’s Latest Plan Save BYJU'S?

The BYJU’S 3.0 Era

More changes are afoot at the edtech giant under the BYJU’S 3.0 vision. But what does it all mean? 

A Leaner Structure

BYJU’S 3.0 is all about consolidation of some verticals and a leaner cost structure. Sources told Inc42 the company is looking to cut costs by hiring new talent at lower remuneration

Offline-Online Consolidation

Sources added that management is looking to consolidate operations for online learning with the BYJU’S Tution Centres coaching classes

Lower Salary, Longer Workhours

While the HR team has been told to let go of employees with salaries above INR 6 Lakh, the company’s educators now have to manage both online and offline classes.

CEO Quits In Seven Months

The changes come on the heels of BYJU’S India CEO Arjun Mohan quitting the company just seven months after returning for a second stint. 

Can BYJU’S 3.0 Save The Ship?

With cofounder Byju Raveendran leading the India biz again, the question is will BYJU’S 3.0 fix the many problems at the edtech giant, or is this another temporary measure to keep the company afloat? 

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