Bhavish Aggarwal Vs LinkedIn: Feud Over Pronouns

LinkedIn Pronoun Dispute

Bhavish Aggarwal engages in a feud with LinkedIn over their AI chatbot's pronoun usage, expressing dissatisfaction with being referred to as "they" by LinkedIn's AI.

Announcement of Cloud Migration

Aggarwal announces Ola's departure from Microsoft Azure to Krutrim's cloud.

Critique of "Woke Ideology"

Aggarwal critiques LinkedIn for what he perceives as a "woke political ideology" surrounding pronouns, framing it within a broader cultural conflict. 

Setting Stage

This criticism sets the stage for Aggarwal's proposal of a Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) aligned with Indian values.

Vision for Digital Public Infrastructure

Aggarwal proposes the creation of a DPI for social media aligned with Indian laws, advocating for data ownership by creators over corporations. 

Indian-Centric DPI Features  

DPI ensures adherence to Indian legal frameworks and promotes data ownership and control for Indian users.

Bhavish Aggarwal Vs LinkedIn: Ola To Stop Using Microsoft Azure, Migrate To Krutrim AI Cloud