BharatPe Vs PhonePe Settles Trademark Dispute Over 'Pe' Suffix

Settlement Reached

BharatPe and PhonePe have resolved their long-standing trademark dispute over the use of the suffix 'Pe' in their brand names.

End Of Legal Battle

The settlement ends a five-year legal battle fought across multiple courts.

Trademark Withdrawals

Both companies will withdraw all trademark oppositions against each other, allowing them to register their respective marks.

Court Compliance

The agreement requires compliance with all necessary steps in cases before the Delhi and Bombay High Courts.

BharatPe's Perspective

Rajnish Kumar, BharatPe chairman, praised the maturity and professionalism in resolving the dispute.

PhonePe's View

PhonePe founder and CEO Sameer Nigam emphasized that the resolution allows both companies to focus on growing the fintech industry.

Legal Journey

The legal conflict included multiple court cases, with significant rulings from the Delhi, Bombay, and Madras High Courts, and even reached the Supreme Court.

BharatPe Vs PhonePe: Fintech Majors Bury The Hatchet Over ‘Pe’ Suffix