WeWork Global's Key Issues

Debuting in Oct'21, WeWork's stock performance fell due to financial losses, governance, and leadership problems under then-CEO.

Rough Stock Market Debut

The coworking industry suffered due to the pandemic, causing significant financial strain in real estate.


WeWork reduced net losses but continued to face significant cash burn, leaving only $205 million by June 2023.

Cash Burn Problem

WeWork announced layoffs in January 2023 due to rising inflation impacting office space spending.

Inflation & Layoffs

Will WeWork's Bankruptcy affect its Indian Unit?

Embassy Group owns 73% of WeWork India, ensuring operational control as a separate entity, CEO Karan Virwani clarified.

WeWork India To Remain Operational

WeWork India closed FY23 with a revenue of $168.99 Mn & earnings of $30.18 Mn.

WeWork India’s Strong FY23 Financials 

In Oct, WeWork India introduced WeWork Labs' investments, providing selected startups up to $200,000 in early stage capital.

WeWork India To Continue Expansion

WeWork Global's Bankruptcy won't affect the Indian Unit. Swipe up to read the full story.