9 Rising Agritech Startups Of India


Total Funding: $13.4 Mn It is a full-stack data-based platform, which sources data through 7-8 channels to monitor consumer behaviour, sales patterns and cropping patterns. 


Total Funding: NA  CropIn is a SaaS-based agritech platform, which helps farm-to-fork businesses digitise their operations and improve their decision-making process 


Total Funding: $8.5+ Mn Waycool operates a full-stack agritech platform that connects farmers looking to sell produce to retailers, traders and processors.


Total Funding: $23 Mn Ergos offers farmers a nine-month storage service for their harvest. 


Total Funding: $44 Mn Farmart operates as a micro SaaS-led agritech platform,


Total Funding: $17 Mn Fasal operates as a precision horticulture platform.


Total Funding: $19 Mn Gramophone is an Indore-based full-stack agritech platform. 

Intello Labs

Total Funding: $15.72 Mn Startup uses AI and image recognition tools to perform grading and quality checks of agri products


Total Funding: NA The startup directly sources food from these farmers through its village-level collection centres.

15 Agritech Startups Disrupting Agricultural Landscape In India