8 Made In India LLMs That Will Shape The Future

Bharat GPT

Bharat GPT supports 120+ languages including 22 official languages and claims to have 1Bn+ users

Open Hathi

Open Hathi is the first Hindi LLM built on Meta AI's LLaMA2-7B architecture 


Tata-NVIDIA LLM develops and processes GenAI application

Project Indus

Project Indus is a Tech Mahindra venture that focusses on Hindi & its 37 dialects  and aims to be open source. 

IndicBart & IndicBERT

IndicBart & IndicBERT is a multilingual, sequence to sequence pre-trained modal that supports 11 languages


Dhenu is a personalized voice-based AI chatbot for humans.


Reliance-NVIDIA LLM is trained on diverse Indian languages and tailored for GenAI

Krutrim & Krutrim Pro

 Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal’s startup Krutrim & Krutrim Pro support 20+ languages, trained on 2 Tn tokens & 7-13 billion parameters.

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