8 Beverage Startups Reshaping India's Consumer Market


F&B brand Chaayos sells multiple types of teas and pre-packaged food products via offline and online marketplaces

Funding Raised: $98 Mn


DropKaffe sells ready-to-drink cold coffee, fresh coffee beans, coffee powders, and gourmet foods under the brand SLAY Coffee through its website and cafe chains.

Funding Raised: $1.7 Mn


Coolberg is a non-alcoholic beer brand, which sells cranberry, peach, ginger, etc. via its website and offline distribution channels. 

Funding Raised: $3.5 Mn


Lahori offers traditional Indian beverages across the country. 

Funding Raised: $15 Mn

Jimmy’s Cocktails

Jimmy’s Cocktails offers a slew of cocktail mixers including gin cherry sour, bloody mary, lime margarita, and mango chilli mojito, among others. 

Funding Raised: $2.4 Mn

Paper Boat

Paper Boat sells a slew of fruit-based drinks in Indian flavours including aam panna, rose tamarind, chilli guava, etc.

Funding Raised: $5 Mn+


Storia offers a range of processed fruit juices, coconut water, and shakes to customers.

Funding Raised: $6 Mn

Vahdam India

Vahdam offers an assorted range of teas, including herbal, white, oolong and iced teas, among others in India and across the world. 

Funding Raised: $62.3 Mn

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