7 Semiconductor Startups Boosting India's Technological Prowess

AGNIT Semiconductors

The company focusses on designing and producing GaN materials (wafers) and electronic components primarily tailored for radio-frequency applications.

Incore Semiconductors

Incore Semiconductor is building 5th generation RISC/RISC-V processor cores in India.

Mindgrove Technologies

The startup is developing its first chip, Secure IoT, tailored for consumer electronics like TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

Morphing Machines

Morphing Machines is a fabless semiconductor startup building IP products and solutions. 


Oakter is an Original Device Manufacturer (ODM), which designs and manufactures electronic smart devices, including fintech giant Paytm’s revolutionary soundboxes.

Saankhya Labs

The startup manufactures ICs and components for satellite, 5G, direct-to-mobile broadcast, rural broadband, and IoT satellite communication.

Terminus Circuits

Terminus Circuits excels in high-speed serial link design, providing full SerDes solutions: ethernet, PCIe, USB, MIPI for big data, AI, ML, server chips, and 5G apps.

Meet The 7 Semiconductor Startups Powering India’s Technological Prowess