7 Predictions For The Ecommerce Landscape in India

Quick Commerce Surges

Between 2022 and 2023, quick commerce GMV jumped by 77%, from $1.6 Bn to $2.8 Bn.

E-commerce Growth

In comparison, the overall e-commerce sector grew by only 14-15% during the same period.

AI Integration

AI is revolutionizing e-commerce in India, from personalized recommendations to customized shipping.

GenAI's Potential

McKinsey projects that GenAI could add $150 Bn to $275 Bn to the fashion industry alone.

Beyond Metro Cities

During Amazon's Great Indian Festival, 80% of shoppers and 65% of sellers were from Tier 2+ cities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The current bear market and demand for investor exits are driving M&A activities in the D2C segment.

In-house Manufacturing

Indian D2C brands are moving towards in-house manufacturing to ensure quality and mitigate geopolitical risks.

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