7 GenAI Startups That Caught Our Eyes In 2024


Funding Amount: $230K

AuraML helps solve the problem of training datasets for computer vision using synthetic data. 


Funding Amount: $750K

Babblebots.ai is a GenAI platform that creates digital agents capable of conducting long-form human-like conversations with job candidates, known as ‘AI Recruiters’.


Funding Amount: $500K

Clueso helps companies create instructional videos and documentation for customer education and employee training.


Funding Amount: NA

CodeMate is changing the coding experience with its auto-correcting tool for programmers.


Funding Amount: NA

Crux transforms the schema, or database structure, into a comprehensible “semantic layer” that AI models can interpret.


Funding Amount: $5 Mn

Dashtoon brings a new approach to comic creation, catering to storytellers without drawing abilities.


Funding Amount: $500K

Dubpro.ai is working on video content localisation with its innovative blend of advanced AI and human expertise. 

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