7 Food Brands Disrupting The D2C Landscape Of India     

Wicked Gud

WickedGud offers vegan pasta, noodles, malted beverages, and snacks through its website and ecommerce platforms, all enriched with plant-based protein.

Burger Singh

Established in 2014 by Kabir Jeet Singh, Nitin Rana, and Rahul Seth, Burger Singh is a Gurugram-based QSR chain. Competing with International giants


Chaayos, an F&B brand, offers a variety of teas and pre-packaged food products through both offline and online channels. 


TagZ makes and sells chips, chocolates, dips and cheese dribbling, among others.

Beyond Snack

Beyond Snack specializes in crafting banana chips from Nendran variety bananas, sourced directly from farmers and chips are prepared in under two.

Slurp Farm

Slurrp Farm specializes in healthy snacks for children, offering cereals, milk mixes, and ready-to-mix pancakes, cakes, dosas, noodles, and pasta.

Paper Boat

Paper Boat offers a variety of fruit-based drinks with Indian flavors like aam panna, rose tamarind, chilli guava, and jaljeera.

From Slurrp Farm To TagZ Foods: Here Are 39 F&B D2C Brands Reshaping The Indian Consumer Market