7 Emerging GenAI Startups Based Out Of Bengaluru


Funding Amount: $2.4 Mn

Alltius transforms sales and support journeys with secure and intelligent AI assistants for enterprise applications, websites and contact centres.

Athina AI

Funding Amount: $1.1 Mn

Athina AI helps companies evaluate the performance of their AI models and set guardrails and safety nets around their AI systems. 


Funding Amount: $500K

Crux transforms the schema, or database structure, into a comprehensible “semantic layer” that AI models can interpret.

Induced AI

Funding Amount: $2.3 Mn

The startup offers a platform that translates plain English instructions into real-time pseudo-code, facilitating the automation of myriad back-office tasks.


Funding Amount: $1.3 Mn

It is an open-source TestGPT toolkit designed to automate integration testing. Keploy.io generates test cases and realistic data mocks, achieving 90% code test coverage within two minutes.


Funding Amount: $600K

The startup is building AI agents that harness the power of LLMs to ensure that the code is tested during development and with every new release.


Funding Amount: NA

Meritic is helping mid-market companies with its innovative storytelling co-pilot, which is aimed at automating reporting and analytics.

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