7 Ecommerce Terms Every Modern Retail Founder Must Know In 2024


APIs  (application programming interfaces) are essential for software integration, enabling service flow between applications.

Hyperlocal Delivery

Hyperlocal delivery focuses on delivering goods and services within a small geographic area, often within the same city or neighborhood.

Third-Party Logistics

Third-party logistics (3PL) involves outsourcing logistics operations to specialized providers. Third-party logistics (3PL) outsources supply chain tasks like warehousing, inventory management, and others.

Search Engine Marketing 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is digital advertising aimed at increasing website visibility on SERPs through paid ads. 

Product Catalogue

A product catalogue details specifications and features of products, aimed at showcasing them to potential buyers and enabling informed purchasing decisions.

Return To Origin

Return to Origin (RTO) in ecommerce refers to a situation where a package cannot be delivered to the customer and is returned to the seller.

Attribution Window

The attribution window, or conversion window, is the timeframe for an ad publisher to credit a click or impression leading to an app installation—a time limit to trace the app download source.

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