7 D2C & Ecommerce Terms Every Founder Should Know

Brand Equity

Brand equity is the premium value of a brand based on consumer perception and trust, impacting prices, sales, and partnerships.

Cost Per Acquisition

CPA is a metric that shows how much a business spends on marketing to acquire a customer, helping evaluate the financial impact of marketing campaigns.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is the average amount a customer spends on a brand's products/services, indicating how well they resonate with customers.

Product Moat

In business, a product moat is a competitive advantage that protects market share and profitability, making it hard for rivals to compete.

Quick Commerce

Quick commerce (Q-commerce) delivers goods in under an hour via local warehouses or dark stores, using apps to streamline ordering and delivery.

Vertical Marketplaces

Vertical marketplaces are e-commerce platforms specializing in a single category, uniting brands/vendors to cater to specific needs like beauty or home decor.

Horizontal Marketplace

A horizontal marketplace serves diverse industries and a broad audience, ensuring steady demand. Examples include Amazon and Flipkart.

Exclusive & Invite Only Gathering Of D2C and Modern Retail Leaders

Exclusive & Invite Only Gathering Of D2C and Modern Retail Leaders