6 Startup Unicorns That Adopted The GenAI To Boost Growth


Blinkit has a generative AI engine – Recipe Rover, a ChatGPT- and Midjourney-powered product that suggests recipes and helps find ingredients.


Zomato used AI in the form of a chatbot or an assistant which would help customers find the dish they want to order


OYO has a ChatGPT-powered self-check-in in the UK, which they have plans to release and scale in India soon. 


Swiggy Owner App, has an inbuild Photoshoot feature that leverages AI to validate, enhance, and refine restaurant menu images.


Unacademy has Cohesive AI which does AI content generation.


Zoho has Zia Voice, the first conversational AI for sales teams that adds speech and chat capabilities to Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered sales assistant.

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