6 Steps To Create A Brand That People Love

Quick Decisions

Leverage human impulsiveness with effective branding drives quick decisions and results in increased purchases.

Price Is Relative To Positioning

Avoid positioning your brand where you are only and solely competing for price.

Parity Rather Than USP

Aim for owning an attribute you provide that everyone else also makes, rather than finding a distinction in the market.

Conquer People’s Mind

“Salience itself builds trust”, the more frequently a person sees your brand, the more they will trust you and eventually buy your products.

Focus On New Customers

Loyal customers will remain your customers, but focussing on reaching more customers will keep your brand alive. The attention should always be balanced.

Be Visible & Adequately Stocked

More for retail brands, they should always be adequately stocked on the shelfs of stores as this leads to better visibility and a positive sentiment towards your brand.

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