6 Bootstrapped Startups That Caught Our Eye In June 2024


Blip, founded by Ansh Agarwal and Sarvesh Kedia in 2024, delivers clothes in 30 minutes via hyperlocal dark stores, partnering with local brands for quick-commerce fashion.


Founded by Arjun Vijayaragavan in 2023, uses tech, climate science, and industry expertise to help enterprises achieve significant carbon reductions and sustainable growth.


Founded in 2021 by Sonali Weljali and Tukaaram Sonawane, Krishigati is an agritech startup that offers innovative solutions for modern precision farming. 


Founded by Taranjeet Singh and Deshraj Yadav, Mem0 aims to revolutionize AI by developing a sophisticated long-term memory system for Language Model (LLM) applications.


Founded in 2023 by Gazal Kalra and Shalabh Gupta, Nuuk is a Gurugram-based D2C brand selling consumer electronics like table fans, personal fans, circulation fans, and car vacuums.


Founded by Hrishav Bhattacharjee in 2023, Rizzzed was born from his desire to fuse the immersive experience of video games with the bold expression of street fashion.

30 Startups To Watch: Startups That Caught Our Eyes In June 2024