5 Tips By Droom’s Sandeep Aggarwal On Bootstrapping A Startup

Priority should be to gain superior returns on small investments, which fosters operational efficiency.

Set Realistic Goals

Bootstrapped startups should avoid taking credit and loans. They should focus on achieving profitability without the added burden.

Avoid Credit

During the early stages of bootstrapping, startups should focus on grabbing as many business opportunities as possible and not turn away potential clients.

Look Out For Opportunities

Bootstrapped startups should focus on building a loyal customer base, even if it means operating at break-even points.

Loyal Customer Base Is Key

Bootstrapped startups must focus on minimising expenses by leveraging free or low-cost resources such as used equipment and available spaces to support their venture.

Minimise Expenses

Optimise the workforce by recruiting individuals with multiple skills and reward them with performance-based incentive. Avoid Staffing. 

Hire People With Multiple Skills

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