5 Key Fintech Trends To Watch Out In 2024

GenAl Transforming Fintech

GenAl integration to boost Indian financial services by $70 Bn. Regional language applications to enhance accessibility beyond urban areas.

Regulatory Vigilance in Fintech

Growing regulations to protect consumers in the expanding fintech landscape. Recent actions on Paytm and Instamojo highlight increased regulatory scrutiny.

More Embedded Fintech

The blending of financial services with non-financial offerings is expected to grow alongside the usage of more internet & tech based products by Indian consumers. 

Blockchain's Comeback in Finance

Anticipated resurgence of blockchain-based solutions in Indian fintech. Government support for e-rupee (CBDC) and platforms like SingularityNET driving the shift.

Cybersecurity Spend on the Rise

Fintech startups increasing expenditure on cybersecurity measures. 64% of global CEOs express concerns, but Indian fintech leans toward embracing tech advancements.

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