5 Reasons Behind Tiger Global Backed-Koo's Big Downturn

Hard To Lure Advertisers

Koo marketers aimed to lure advertisers by aggressively targeting Indian celebrities and accounts with large regional language followings, despite burning cash on user acquisition in a competitive market.

Non-Diverse Customer Base

This nondiverse customer base worsened the ad quality as Brands wanted to reach a targeted audience, and Koo did not have a specified user demographic. 

No Advantage Over X

Koo failed to offer any competitive advantage over X. Besides advertisements, the introduction of subscription models like Koo Premium also proved insufficient

Costly Campaigns

The T20 World Cup campaign, which was very expensive, showed below-par results. Most advertisers didn’t stick to Koo over several months, which meant that revenue would dry up in certain months.

Little To No Revenue

For the first four years, revenue was at flat zero. In FY21 and FY22, the company registered INR 8 Lakh and INR 14 Lakh, respectively, as operating income. 

How Tiger Global-Backed Koo Lost Its X-Factor