5 Notable Indian Semiconductor Startups


AGNIT, founded in 2019, specializes in GaN materials and RF components for drones and telecom, offering tailored solutions for critical needs.


Incore founded in 2018, is a processor design company, is revolutionising industries with its innovative RISC-V-based solutions.


Mindgrove, founded in 2021, designs scalable, reliable RISC-V System-on-Chips in India for power-constrained environments like electronics and defense.

Morphing Machines

Morphing Machines, founded in 2005, is a fabless semiconductor IP company innovating with REDEFINE, a runtime reconfigurable many-core processor.


Oakter, founded in 2019, designs and produces smart devices. In 2019, they shifted to contract manufacturing and have since fulfilled many B2B orders.

The Rise Of India’s Semiconductor Startups Report 2024

The Rise Of India’s Semiconductor Startups Report 2024