5 Key Factors Leading To Ather Energy’s Slowdown

Emergence Of New Players

Just when Ather sorted out all the worries related to production, supply, etc new deep-pocketed players emerged in the scene.

FAME II Revision

An Ather spokesperson said that the FAME II revision slowed down their network & product portfolio expansion due to uncertainty in the market.

Inadequate Infrastructure For 1st Move

A source told Inc42 that the company didn’t have the adequate infrastructure to cash in on its first-mover advantage, and it took time to build a small assembling unit.

Future Launches

Rivals such as Ola, Hero, TVS have already solidified their future product line whereas Ather has just announced one family scooter.

Focus On Fundamentals

Ather Energy, an early entrant in the EV space, prioritized fundamentals over rapid growth, shifting people's perception of EV quality in a market flooded with Chinese imports.

Ather Energy’s Stagnation: What Stalled India’s OG EV Startup?