5 Emerging EnterpriseTech Startups Making Waves


Highperformr.AI leverages AI & Large Language Models for B2B social media campaign optimization, workflow management, collaboration, and analytics, enhancing ROI.

Wizr AI

Founded in 2023 by Padinjaremadam and Kosaraju, Wizr offers cutting-edge tech solutions with Wizr AI Studio and Wizr Cx Hub, aiding enterprise operations.


Founded by Naveen Venkatesan, Bharathi Kannan Ravikumar, Sunil Kumar, and Sreelesh Pillai in 2023, ZEPIC is a customer experience platform that unites all customer-facing teams.


Founded in April 2023 by brothers Vamsi and Vihar Kurama, Plane aims to streamline project management for teams of all sizes and industries.


Plotline, founded in 2022 by Jindal and Tadimari, enhances in-app user engagement, addressing the shortcomings of traditional methods.

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