5 Emerging Bengaluru Based Startups Making Waves In 2024


Founded in 2023 by Bhargav Errangi, POP offers the POPclub app with 2% cashback on UPI transactions in POPcoins, redeemable for consumer products.


Asaya is a premium skincare line specifically designed for melanin-rich skin. Launched in September 2023 by Neeraj Biyani, the cofounder of Paper Boat, along with Mandeep Bhatia and Eeti Sharma.


Clientell creates AI tools for RevOps that work with existing Salesforce systems. Founded by Neil Sarkar and Saahil Dhaka in 2021.


Founded in 2023 by Yash Bansal and Aastha Rajpal, Ayna serves direct-to-consumer fashion and ecommerce brands by offering virtual photoshoots.


Founded in 2022 by Abhijeet Kunwar, Rishabh Kumar, and Vikas Kersi, Maino.ai uses AI/ML for automated, smart, ROI-driven marketing, streamlining campaign management and creative generation.

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