5 Biggest Beverage Startups Of India


Funding Raised: $3.5 Mn

Coolberg is a non-alcoholic beer brand, which sells cranberry, peach and other beverages via its website and offline distribution channels. 


Funding Raised: $1.7 Mn

DropKaffe sells ready-to-drink cold coffee, fresh coffee beans, coffee powders, and gourmet foods under the brand SLAY Coffee.

Jade Forest

Funding Raised: $1.25 Mn

Jade Forest offers a slew of non-alcoholic beverages to customer.

Jimmy’s Cocktails

Funding Raised: $2.4 Mn

Jimmy’s Cocktails offers a slew of cocktail mixers including gin cherry sour, among others.


Funding Raised: $15 Mn

Lahori offers traditional Indian beverages across the country. Currently, it offers Indian drinks in four flavours – jeera, nimboo, kacha aam and shikanji.

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