10 Emerging Brands Disrupting The D2C Sector Of India


Cosmix offers a wide range of solutions for gut and hormonal health, immunity and energy, skin and hair care and more.

Dorje Teas

Dorje Teas sources natural ingredients to offer fresh, authentic and fun wellness tea blends.


Foxtale’s R&D team has identified 350+ skin types instead of the broad five. This micro-segmentation helps address skin health more effectively for 95% of its users. 


FreshMa offers a wide variety of delicacies like freshwater and sea fish, lobsters and prawns, crabs, dry fish and more. 


Gladful uses natural superfoods like sprouts, amaranth, millet and more to make high-protein breakfast, sprouted chillas and dosas, etc.


Japam provides authentic rudraksha wearables with a focus on product provenance.

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