10 Critical Elements of an Investment Pitch Deck

Impactful Mission Statement

A concise mission statement is vital for a pitch deck. It should encapsulate the startup's core purpose and problem-solving focus in 8-10 words, guiding its commitment and resonating with purpose-driven investors.


This pitch deck section should answer: "Why is now ideal for our startup?" It must highlight market shifts and tailwinds favoring the company's offering, demonstrating its relevance and urgency.

Showcasing The Product

This section should vividly depict the startup’s core offering, including essential features, visuals, and user interface screenshots that bring the product to life. 

Customer’s Journey

It’s important to illustrate how customers will interact with the product, from initial awareness to engagement and ongoing utilisation.

Competitive Differentiation

Highlight the unique factors that set the startup apart, whether it’s a proprietary technology, an innovative business model, or an exceptional user experience. 

Revenue Model Streams

Outline your revenue plan: pricing, marketing, sales channels, and additional streams, ensuring clear profitability.

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