Checkout the Three Biggest Internet Companies of Each Country [Interactive]

Checkout the Three Biggest Internet Companies of Each Country [Interactive]

With the upcoming IPO of Alibaba, China’s ecommerce giant, will drive home the point that China is catching up fast. But what about the rest of the world? The latest numbers from World Startup Report, a market researcher, gives an answer.

India is at #21 with Flipkart valued at $2.5 Bn, 3 are Asian among the top 5. 30 of the 50 examined countries have at least one internet company worth more than $1 Bn. Firms outside America and China are still relatively small: Google’s market capitalisation, for instance, is bigger than the value of the top internet firms in all other 48 countries combined.

PS: If all the three datapoints are not visible, try clicking on the key at the top to remove the extra datapoints.


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