Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts

Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts

When you have mails coming in from different sources it is truly a headache to figure out who we are addressing to in our replies and it is impractical to interact with each and everyone one of them to understand them. To know the person, companies need to track many channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) and many tools (support, email marketing, user feedback). But how can they track them all?

Vibe is precisely solving this problem. It is changing the way these companies interact with people. This app saves a lot of clicks, manual searches and time (time is money) and gives the snapshot of the profile on one click. For example, a user can do a research and get information about a person before the user goes into a meeting.

Released by India-based startup Profoundis Labs, Vibe looks up email addresses through APIs of most popular social networks to retrieve links to profiles, homepages, and displays short biographies of people. “While all existing sales tools focus on managing processes, Vibe was built to focus on the subtler and the more important human aspect of understanding people”, explains Arjun Pillai, one of the Founders of Vibe.

Vibe display includes name, location, job, social network accounts, short biography (taken from one of their social accounts), and topics of interest and place it in a hover display at the top of the chrome window. Vibe has some kickass features like connecting with people via LinkedIn and adding contacts to the address book right from the application window.

Vibe makes it extremely easy for its users to widen their professional network or enrich their address book with relevant information in just a single click wherever they are on the web or desktop. At the moment, the quality of data retrieved is not perfect and in majority of cases it is not showing results but design and UI have been worked upon a lot. The team is geared to scale the offering with lot more interesting integration’s and platforms for delivery in the near future.

How To Set Up Vibe


By signing up for the free version, users receive 30 affective look-ups for 30 days, after which the credit is decreased to 10 look-ups per month. You can also pay $5 for 1,000 look-ups in 30 days, or $25 for 9,000 look-ups in 180 days. Just like other similar solutions like FullContact, to Nimble, to Rapportive (bought by LinkedIn in 2012), The service shows you a wealth of data about anyone with an online presence just by hovering his or her email address or contact name and yes it not only works for Gmail like Rapportive but it also works with all the mailing platforms and also with online docs.

This application has a huge market as this problem is faced by almost all the professionals as we know relationships make or break your business— and they’re hard to manage in our noisy world. More than 3000 users on Google chrome store itself and more than 100 premium users shows its potential. “The overwhelming response and those appreciative notes we received through our support channels help us understand the need for such a product in the market”, says Arjun Pillai.

Long Story Short

Vibe could become a useful service should it find a way to raise its batting average, returning more hits than misses, as it matures, changing their revenue model. And it appears the developers are hard at work on just that. On Vibe’s blog, co-founder Arjun Pillai states, “We are aware that Vibe needs to improve on backend data. We have resources solely focusing on this aspect. As we move on, you will experience the improvement.”

We would love to hear what’s your take on Vibe.

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Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts-Inc42 Media

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Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts-Inc42 Media

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Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts-Inc42 Media

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Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts-Inc42 Media
Vibe App, The Fastest Way To Know Everything About Your Contacts-Inc42 Media

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