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This Delhi Based Startup Helps You Decide Where To Hangout Today!

This Delhi Based Startup Helps You Decide Where To Hangout Today!

Planning to hangout with your friends? Or may be looking to go out and try out a new cuisine around you? But can’t decide on a place and left scratching your head in front of your friends? 😉 Don’t worry you’re not alone. There are many sites out there – Zomato for restaurants, Bookmyshow for movies, Foursquare, Ixigo and Tripadvisor to discover nice places around you but they don’t answer the question, “Where do I go today?” This is where Strollup comes into picture. The startup tells you “What to do and where to go?”

Co-founded by a team of three, Abhishek (IIT-D graduate), Ankur (Ex-amazon employee) and Siddharth (DTU graduate), Strollup aims to provide personalised outing solutions to its customers.

What is Strollup all about?

StrollUp solves the problem “What to do and Where to go out?” and provides a way to explore your city with ease. It provides complete outing itinerary for a single day, crafted with best activities and places for your outings in your city. It is creating a singular platform for all types of activities – food, drinks, movies, events, shopping, bowling, trending places, tourist attractions etc.

The whole concept is designed to provide outing recommendations based on the user’s mood, occasion and choices. Strollup provides unique details about outing thats would make you feel like a localite; such as recommended time to visit, personalised cost, different travel options, special attractions to make your experience even more memorable.

The Strollup user interface is very simple and friendly. You just have to enter what you have in mind. Eg “watch movie and have dinner” And it gives you the top 15 outing plans out of more than 10000+ possible outing plans. You can even save these plans in your profile, share them with your friends.

strollupteamWhat you can find on Strollup?

Currently operational in Delhi and Bangalore, one can stroll through places to have food & drinks, places for leisure sports such as bowling, paintball, snooker, pool, ice skating etc. It also provides recommendations to explore new places around you and visit like historical monuments and famous local landmarks.

Who else is there to serve?

As of now, the market doesn’t have any big player. In the local market, Strollup’s target audience uses solutions such as Zomato, Bookmyshow, Foursquare, Ixigo and Tripadvisor which are well established products in their own category. The startup sees a lot of companies trying to provide better ways to explore an urban city, some in local market (Mygola, Outsy) and few in foreign markets like (Citybot, UrbanDaddy), but no player provides a personalised outing solution.

Why Strollup?

There are lot of companies in the market that are planning your multi-day trips covering multiple cities. But there are not many that suggest memorable experiences in the city you live in. Frequency of intra-city hangouts is far more than trips and still there experience gets unnoticed. People usually go to same old places after debating for hours on places to go. They are bored with the same old places. Nobody wants to take the pain to read reviews of every new place in town. Even if you identified the place for bowling, you would struggle to find a place to have good Italian food nearby.

Counting the Numbers & Plans for Expansion

Citing the reports of its expert, Strollup says that you only have 12 hours in a week to go out. And it gives you more time for your outings and save you from hassle of creating the perfect plans. Once the startup has its product market fit, it would launch in 11 Indian cities. It is also planning to make it a global product, actively helping people from 100+ cities.

Strollup is a self funded startup and has six team members, 2000+ listings per city, 7000+ registered users, around 10,000 monthly unique visitors. The company is yet to bring the monetisation strategy in place and currently focusing on building user traction. Going forward, the startup is also planning to launch its Android App in mid of April.


The app will let you plan personalized outings based on your mood and interests in just 2 taps. There will be a catalog of plans, which users can browse when in hurry. Besides, in the next few updates, Strollup will help users to find best places for birthdays, team outings and other special occasions. As nobody goes out alone, why should you plan alone. It would also be focusing on building group planning capabilities in our app.

Strollup is a great concept especially designed for people who face tough time in choosing places to hangout, but with presence of number players operating in their specific space altogether will act as competitors and in long run will be a critical deal for it.