Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…

Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…

If you’re looking for landscape designing, Garden Maintenance and professional consultancy at economic prices, then McElroy and Harold’s must be your number one on that list! Hailing from a non-business family background it was quite an apprehensive decision for Ms Alisha Caesar (MD and owner of McElroy and Harold’s) but her passion, zeal and desire of doing something on her own lead her path towards landscaping and designing. Her career began as a Hotel management professional, later she worked with a renowned facility management firm. Her love and veneration towards her father reflected when she christened the firm “McElroy and Harold’s” after her father. There were many bumps initially and many problems including competitive pressures, water thin margins, recruiting a skilled work force with the talent of designing, attaining operational efficiency and profitability in a limited budget persisted incessantly. With her impeccable grit, however, she willed her away towards success with her incredible network and belief in herself.

McElroy & Harold’s is a consulting firm located in Bangalore, which specializes in Landscape Designs & Concepts, Garden Maintenance. The company caters to the steeply growing demand for improving site appearances and maintenance needs at a low cost. Apart from integrated design solutions and labor proposals they also provide roadmaps for creative endeavors, which are flexible solutions specifically tailored to suit your site and its respective needs. While preparing a plan, the company always takes the client’s requirements into consideration and ensures the standard of their deliverables.

She drummed up a seed capital of nearly 2 lakh from family and friends to launch her business a year back. The first revenue was generated in June 2011. All her earnings were directly invested for the company’s betterment and to create some employee motivational schemes. (Considering their growth, we can be assured of the fact that her schemes did pay huge dividends) The company has some potential clients ranging from corporate to real estate development giants like MGR group, Goldfinch Hotels, Astrazeneca and Le Meridian. But bagging these clients was not an easy task; it had its own share of setbacks and bloopers. To begin with, making a name among high end hotels and corporate offices was a job in itself. However, because Ms Caesar had already worked upon her contacts during her job tenure, she didn’t face much problem in getting proposals for interior and designing work. Another hurdle in her path was to look for an adequate office in a prime location but with her financial constraints, it was difficult to finalize anything back then. Fortuitously, as the business progressed the registration of office also took place soon. Getting licenses to start up a company was another barricade which she faced while getting on track with compliances. The various licenses needed to start a company are not economical; also the amount of documentation and legwork one needs to do to the different Indian government offices exhaust even the bravest of spirits. The bulk of the seed capital was spent on obtaining the necessary licenses and streamlining the process to avoid any future hassle.

Advertising the firm was a meticulously planned decision as without proper advertising and marketing her business could not grab a toehold in such a competitive market. They designed special brochures and delivered them to all the client sites who might be interested to get their interiors done for their office or home spaces, followed by presentations and meetings which would make them understand the basic core of their business. Her mother’s refulgent blessings have always inspired her to outperform in every field she has entered into, be it her own business or her job. This self-motivated woman with a go-getter attitude has affirmed her plan to open up her own studio in the near future which would have tailored designs, artifacts and all the material needed for landscape designing and maintenance. McElroy and Harold’s future plans are to take designing and interiors to the next level of innovation where they can plan unique designs and customization for their potential customers.

We strongly opine that if a high standard of service in landscaping and designing and the perfect décor for your home and gardens is what you desire, there is no better option than McElroy and Harold’s for your shire!

Company Details:

McElroy & Harold’s

Alisha – Managing Director/Owner

[email protected]

Interviewed By

Chandni Bhagchandani

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Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…-Inc42 Media

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Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…-Inc42 Media

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Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…-Inc42 Media

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Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…-Inc42 Media
Start Up Firm – McElroy and Harold’s – Landscape Design Maintenance and beyond…-Inc42 Media

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