ClinchPad: A New Generation CRM Application To Track Business Leads

ClinchPad: A New Generation CRM Application To Track Business Leads

ClinchPad: A New Generation CRM Application To Track Business Leads

Any startup is prone to face a large number of difficulties and feel convoluted in the initial stages. One among those intricacies is tracking business leads. ClinchPad is an idea that came up while dealing with similar difficulties. It is a sale’s management software that is a perfect alternative to traditional CRM systems.

ClinchPad was founded by Cheenu Madan in 2013 as a result of trials to overcome struggles to track leads for a previous startup.

Using spreadsheets for the purpose of tracking leads isn’t simple as they aren’t designed for it and all the CRM’s in the market are targeted at enterprises. ClinchPad caters to the needs of business owners with small teams who need something simple to manage their business leads. Its main focus is on managing sales pipeline through a visual interface.

The startup offers a pipeline view inspired by Kanban boards, for sales. The view helps the users to track the entire sales cycle and check the status of all leads at a glance in the sales pipeline view. It allows you to perform manifold actions such as adding and renaming leads, assigning a user to a lead or moving the lead to another stage in the sales pipeline view itself. Multiple sales pipelines can also be created so that you can track different aspects of your sales process. Leads can be filtered by users, products, sources, zones, contacts or any combination of the above.

A well-coordinated team is a prerequisite for best results. On ClinchPad one can collaborate with the team instantly without a hitch. Each lead can be given a to-do list consisting of details regarding meetings, calls, emails and tasks. The lists can be updated and kept track of what is done in the sales process by marking these as done when they are completed. It enables easy sharing of information for better sales pipeline management.

The software is customizable in accordance with the user’s requirements. It is way beyond just copying or adding contacts. Besides storing contact and organization information, ClinchPad also looks up the contacts and organizations associated with a lead and the leads associated with a contact or organization. With auto sync for contact information with Google Contacts, details can be updated and synced based on the most recently updated version. As it also integrates Gmail mailbox with the lead tracking software along with other Google apps like Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Contacts. This automatically matches and attaches relevant mails to the leads and auto updates the to-do lists.

sales-pipeline-viewIt helps businesses by categorizing leads based on products, sources and zones, which assists one understanding which product and service is the best and to get insights about diverse and miscellaneous channels that generate leads with geographical distinction of product user base.

ClinchPad finally provides reports and analytics of all the leads, helps saving time and analyzing your performance using simple charts and graphs.

Essentially, ClinchPad offers a modern CRM application which unlike traditional CRMs focuses on deals rather than contacts. The question of security trust is also well answered, Bank grade security is maintained for data which is fully encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. The data resides in high security, access controlled data centers with regular backups ensuring safety.

ClinchPad is a freemium product and is free to use for 100 leads. After which, nominal pricing plans based on the number of users are available. Currently, about 66% of small businesses don’t use a CRM. But with a projected market size that is to grow exponentially to $36 Bn by 2017 for CRMs, ClinchPad is trying to bring a paradigm shift. The application is kept very simple to make the transition frictionless.

The startup competes with the same set of users as traditional CRMs like Salesforce and spreadsheets that makes them their biggest competitors. “Once you outgrow spreadsheets for tracking your business leads, you do not need to invest significant time and money into setting up a traditional CRM such as Salesforce unless you have a huge 100 person sales team,” says the company.

With users from all parts of the world, and the major traffic coming from US, UK and other European countries, ClinchPad is attaining tremendous traction from businesses across the world. As per the company, their conversion rates are running in double digits and growth rate is healthy as well.

ClinchPad was part of GSF Accelerator’s 2013 Summer Accelerator Program.

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ClinchPad: A New Generation CRM Application To Track Business Leads-Inc42 Media
ClinchPad: A New Generation CRM Application To Track Business Leads-Inc42 Media

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