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BreathingRoom: A Startup That Is Redefining Meeting Spaces For Working Professionals

BreathingRoom: A Startup That Is Redefining Meeting Spaces For Working Professionals

One of the most common problems entrepreneurs and brilliant minds face while executing their plans is to find a proper workspace. Hence, there are times when meetings have to be conducted at crowded cafes or owing to the ever increasing population and long queues, sometimes even in secluded parks. This leads to lack of motivation, communication and access to the resources. It was high time someone did something about this problem.

Sometime back, Kaushal Sanghavi and his team stepped in and founded BreathingRoom, an app which is working to provide professional work spaces in the nearby areas at nominal rates. Sanghavi, an alumnus of UC Berkley and the Indian School of Business says, “45% of the knowledge economy spends at least one day a week away from their desks. They need to get work done, and a solution like BreathingRoom can help make things easier.”

How does it work?

  • Using the app is very simple and one can book professional spaces for meetups 15 minutes prior to the meeting (up to three days). It sports a very simple user interface and only a couple of taps need to be made to book the space for a specific time slot.
  • The app lists all the available venues around the user out of which one can select the most suitable depending on the requirement as it lists all the amenities available at each location.
  • Once the venue has been selected, the available time slots are listed. Users can select their preferred time slot and move on to the payment page.
  • While the open spaces are free, premium spaces have a hassle free payment process and once the payment is successful, the user receives all the receipts via an email.
  • The revenue model of the company itself is based on each transaction. Listing on the app is totally free and every time one makes a booking the company keeps a share of the transaction.

Apart from premium work spaces, which are available at nominal prices ranging from INR 400 to 600 per hour, it also provides free options which include several cafes and restaurants at those hours of the day when there is peace and quiet in the place.

With the introduction of BreathingRoom, a need specific environment has been created which provides the users with privacy, ambience and a stable internet connection. In short, it creates the perfect environment.

Services like these have a $5 -10 Bn market in India itself. The startup aims to reach a target of 100,000 users by the end of this year and claims to have a customer happiness rate of 95%.

Uniqueness about BreathingRoom

The main point to be noted about this service is the fact that no two BreathingRoom spaces are similar. The geniuses behind this concept proudly claim the fact that every venue is different in its own style and does not have monotonous ring to it.

It currently lists Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hong Kong and is looking forward to working on expanding to numerous other cities. It has been getting a tough competition from Regus and Liquid spaces on the international front but the unique thing about BreathingRoom is the fact that it caters to a limited group of 1-10 people at a constant cost quotient unlike the rest whose prices vary according to the need.

Future Plans

With a target of 500-1000 venues by the end of the year, BreathingRoom, unlike the rest of its competitors plans on spreading out venues evenly throughout cities and not just focus on the creme areas in town. This seems like a smart move. Considering the amount of traffic cities have these days, it will save users a lot of travelling time.

Our Take

BreathingRoom is a very innovative solution to all the accommodation problems that the present world entrepreneurs face and comes with benefits such as stationery and good internet connection which is a must in the present world scenario. Considering their aim and concentration on quality, seems like they have a long way to go.