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Communication And Collaboration: How Coworking Spaces Help Preserve Individual Mental Health

Communication And Collaboration: How Coworking Spaces Help Preserve Individual Mental Health

Coworking offers a collaborative yet self-directed workplace environment for all kinds of workers

Communicating with like-minded people results in higher individual self-esteem among employees

Through friends from other companies at coworking places employees can find confidantes and outlets for their problems

Coworking spaces may not be too different from an office building, considering that it’s still businesses going about their operations, but they offer something different in the form of a collaborative, flexible, yet self-directed and independent workplace option. And this World Mental Health Day, the focus is once again on how employee and individual mental wellbeing has a direct effect on productivity and overall success of the business. Simpl

Today, even larger enterprises see value in leasing coworking spaces for their offices. Companies of all sizes have recognised the advantage that coworking spafes offer not only in the physical world but also in a psychological manner helping professionals preserve their mental health.

The biggest plus for workers in coworking facilities is the opportunity to collaborate and work with employees from other organisations. These could become personal spaces or even a place where professional collaborations can lead to business opportunities. The possibilities for a meeting, talking, understanding each other are infinite. The younger generation at work often hugely appreciates this chance.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a healthy workplace should include work-life balance, health and safety, employee growth and development, employee recognition, and employee involvement.

Overcoming Traditional Workplace Hurdles

Traditional working environments offer a formal schedule, infrastructure, and dedicated workspaces. They provide the chance for people to work directly with their colleagues and a physical connection to the brand. They keep to high health and safety standards too.

One significant factor is that even in an excellent working environment that encourages teamwork, office bonds have inherent stress. Competition or discomfort with co-workers is carried into that social bond as well. A coworking space, on the other hand, allows one to connect with co-workers who may not be from the same company. They can vent, discuss, seek advice and take solace- and in this manner, a powerful and very positive bond gets built.

This is a huge stress reliever, leading to much better mental health.

Communicating with like-minded people, at a coworking space adds to self-esteem. Even if it’s a co-worker from another organisation, the bond enables a boost in the happy-thoughts. A healthy social connect is exceptionally conducive to better mental and physical health.

Companies find it very useful to have a large part of their motivational activities and team-building exercises taken care of by the friendly coworking environment in itself!

Coworking Spaces And The Community Effect

The advantage of connecting with co-workers that come from different companies- is that no shared politics happens. If anything, there is a time for letting off steam, and stress that one’s job builds up. A friend that only shares office space and life interests could be the perfect vent!

We have observed celebrations, joy, and the camaraderie which closed, traditional workspaces often lack. Sharing an office space allows co-workers to come together and celebrate occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries or sales wins.

Moreover, even if coworking spaces have traditional environments and regulations, they offer a flexible work schedule, expenses, and office amenities. They contain private rooms for meaningful discussions; quiet spaces for meditation; fun, comfortable areas for leisure activities and even anger rooms for releasing stress and recharging.

They offer the chance for meaningful interactions and connections with others who have similar interests, lifestyles, and goals.

Flexibility And Freedom Preserve Mental Health

Coworking spaces offer something to everybody. For extrovert go-getters, it provides the perfect offset for like-minded company, and activities like gyms, hanging out areas and open spaces to meet and connect with them. For introverts, who could get lonely in working at home, find their own space, yet get an opportunity to communicate with other workers.

It is tremendous emotional support, and physical assistance, to work with people who do not step on one’s shoes in their work-life!

As collaboration increases and competition decreases, potential clients, partners, and mentors, who are experts in their respective fields, are identifiable. The comfort and mutual support they offer each other fills the environment with positive vibes.

Coworking spaces also typically organise exciting events and knowledge sharing opportunities that provide relief from their work. These activities can range from seminars on entrepreneurship and new technologies to dance, yoga, and meditation sessions to art and craft workshops.

Today, even many coworking spaces have designated areas for childcare, pet care, and spaces to nap, party, and climb! Such innovations increase comfort and instil camaraderie among members. They also provide less stress for many workers, enabling much better mental health.

While all sizes of organizations find coworking immensely convenient and cost-effective, many adopt it to fuel innovation, diversity, and expansion. For individuals, coworking goes beyond being convenient to provide inspiration and contentment at work, help them in life challenging situations at work. Co-workers then, often become a support system that asks no questions.

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