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Top iPhone Cases You Would Want To Own Right Away

Top iPhone Cases You Would Want To Own Right Away

Technology has gotten so advanced that there are gadgets releasing every month which will make your jaw drop. And when each iPhone is improving than its predecessor, why should iPhone cases be monotonous? Rather than just being a fancy glittery accessory, they now have an utility which is much more than protecting your iPhone.

Who would have thought that a iPhone case would let you print polaroid pictures at an instant, or a case which would let you use your phone as a DSLR. Well, some creative minds dared to and turned all these possibilities into reality.

Kickstarter is a platform where one can raise funds for their creative ideas. We found a  lot of interesting stuff for Android phones in terms of their accessories as well as for iPhones. Here are some of the unique iPhone cases which are featured on Kickstarter. You can avail one by backing these projects or visiting their website.

Moment Case


One often misses a moment which they want to capture in the hassle of rummaging their phone and then clicking it. With the Moment lens case, one can keep the lenses mounted to the case with its proprietary lens interface. It is specially designed keeping the mobile photographers in mind. Best of all, the case detects when you attach a lens. So that the Moment App can display certain features which will differentiate for each lens letting you capture even cleaner pictures. 


The case comes with a shutter button like the one which is present in digital cameras.


You can half press to lock the focus and then full press to capture the subject. The button is connected to the phone via low-energy bluetooth and claims to be highly responsive. Holding down the button unlocks the burst mode.

 Just when you think the case gives you the feeling of owning a DSLR, the makers have smartly integrated the on-screen touch features. You can use the shutter button to lock the focus and then slide on the phone screen to fine tune the lighting. This is particularly interesting as one can adjust the lightings at the moment which will save their time that goes in editing afterwards.


And last but not least, the case lets you attach a stylish camera strap to it so that your phone is available at an instant.


Talking about mobile photographers and cases innovated for them, there was one more case which is worth noticing. The Moment lens is priced for $99.99.

The COVR Photo Case

covr featured

The Covr Photo case is a case with lens built into it. It was developed by Thomas Hurst with the need to capture his kids’ candid photos easily.  With COVR Photo attached to your iPhone you can always be ready to shoot by keeping your phone steady. The case requires you to download their app from the App Store. In case, if you wish to use the regular iPhone camera, you can just slide the COVR lens back and use the standard camera phone.


The  COVR case is designed in a manner that the users will have the choice to decide whether to use the standard iPhone lens or using the case’s lens by sliding the COVR Photo lens and capturing images from a different angle & look.


The COVR photo is subtle looking and unobtrusive. It claims to be comfortable in your hands as a case and the slide is as easy as a flick of a finger. The case would be really helpful for parents and visual journalists who wish to capture scenes without making the subject conscious. But we also fear this cover being used by peeping toms for taking photos of unknown people without their knowledge. The Covr Photo Case is available for $55 for iPhone 5/5s, $70 for iPhone 6 & $75 for iPhone 6 Plus.

When there are cases taking photo capturing to another level, there is one which also lets you instantly touch and feel your photos on real paper. Yes, we are talking about a case which is similar to a Polaroid Camera and prints your photos instantly. The case is called Prynt.



Prynt is a compact, small polaroid camera like case and will let you print your pictures instantly so that you can cherish them forever. One needs to put their smartphone into the case, choose an image or click one and then print it.


It has its own battery and doesn’t require bluetooth connectivity or WiFi to work. One also need not worry about the ink or cartridges to refill as the paper provided has ink embedded inside.

 What’s interesting is the Augmented Reality! When a photo is being printed, it’s not just a mere photo but a video too! The Prynt app records a short video and stores it on cloud while you are busy posing for the pictures. When you hold your phone in front of the printed photo, the app automatically scans, recognizes and shows you the movie in augmented reality.


To embed the video in print, you should shoot the video from the app and then select the frame you want to print. It’s more of like a secret message in print where the app helps you decode it. You can get one by backing their project on Kickstarter.

Lucidream eXo-Skelton

eXo 2 

Talking about iPhone cases, we imagine one which completely covers the phone, making it slightly bulky. But this case is the one which questions all the traditional designs and yet manages to protect your phone.

The eXo case is a strong case made from stainless steel and portrays ergonomic textures that makes your phone easy to handle in addition to possessing a shock absorption system. 

The case is inspired by the craftsmanship and quality of mechanical watch movements and springs. A quick release pad lets you attach your device securely onto virtually everything. The company Lucidream has not put all of its attention only on the case but also to the other accessories which can be used along with it.


The company aims to have accessories that integrates your devices with everyday life. The additional accessories which one can purchase are the Stainless steel clip, eXo Wallet which comes in different colours, Universal mount and a Armband. You can preorder this case from their Kickstarter project page. 

Mous Musicase

We all had that one moment when you just couldn’t untangle your earphones and you promise yourself to be organized from the next time. Well, no need to go through the process again as there is a unique case which will take care of your earphones so that it will be available quickly the next time you want it.


The case acts as a headphone storage which will help you keep your earphones in a neat, untangled manner without letting them be damaged in your pocket or bag.


The total thickness of Musicase is 15 mm so as to accommodate the earphones so that you need not fear of losing them. The case is available in perky and attractive colours. The case is available for iPhone 5/5s for £19.99. You can buy one from their official website:

These were some of the iPhone cases which left us astounded. Feel free to share your favorites.

[This article is contributed by Ruchita Mahimkar, Associate Editor –]
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