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Top 10 Hottest Global Startup Destinations

Top 10 Hottest Global Startup Destinations

Ravi Kikan
Ravi is a Mentor at MentorEdge ( A CIIE- IIM-A initiative), A Knowledge driven enterprise. He is a Growthhacker for Startups, Online Community Builder, Startup Connector and B2B Marketing Expert.

Wolves Always Hunt In Packs

I think the startup ecosystem is the key, that’s why the startups mushroom in one destination faster than others.


Is it the startup ecosystem that makes a great startup location?

Is it the networking of startups in a location that keeps the place buzzing?

Is it the founders who make the city a hit ?

This should be a real tricky question to ask.

However asking many founders, experts I think some of the best places could be churned out for startups.

I asked this question in the Startup Specialist Group on LinkedIn on the “Top 10 Hottest Global Startup Destinations” and there were some interesting answers to the thread.

Some experts gave HDI (Human Development Index) as a key factor, some gave taxes as a good catch, some gave the ecosystem a thumbs up while some gave the availability of investors as the key point for the place to be a Great and Hot Place for Startups.

Interestingly one of the top executives Palmer Colamarino said in the thread:

In any case, I guess that the geographical location of the founder(s) plays a strong role in the choice. Are the founders ready to move thousands miles away from where they live and have ties with the business entourage ?

As long as we are not talking about a new idea/product/service that has a market potential “à-la” Google, Fabebook et similar than other components should to be taken into account, as the high burnrate of the BayArea.

Here are the destinations that came out of the thread:

  1. New York, Austin, Alaska, Utah & Bay Area in US
  2. Helsinki, Finland
  3. Berlin, Germany
  4. Lisbon, Portugal
  5. Singapore
  6. Calgary, Canada
  7. São Paulo,Porto Alegre & Belo Horizonte in Brazil
  8. Estonia, Europe
  9. London, UK
  10. Brussels, Belgium

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Do you think otherwise? Do You Agree ?

Would invite you to share your comments and insights on the same.

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