Internet Keys #2: Five E-ways To Keep Creativity Flowing

Internet Keys #2: Five E-ways To Keep Creativity Flowing

Being creative is a great gift! Your mind works faster thananyone else and ideas just keep popping up with a million different ways to execute them. But in those situations where all eyes are on you and your brain has just stopped crunching new ideas can be very de motivating. It’s very true that an artist’s talent never leaves him/her, so to get the creativity flowing again, In this series I am going to talk about five simple tools that can send the dream train taking away to its next station in no time. These five tools are also great for those people who are not very great in coming up with new ideas because that is the beauty of Internet! With beautiful inspiration available on internet one intense browsing session leads up to bucket full off clippings and bookmarks that is more than enough to complete that project.


Weheartit is a great site and an app available for both android and ios phones. Weheartit is filled with many manny images of beautiful places, quotes, moments, food, clothing etc It takes you to another world of million possibilities where everything is enchanting. With just a 10 minute browsing session your head will start exploding with ideas but because this app is so good you can’t stop scrolling down. The app and site is very simple to use all you have to do is keep scrolling down and heart away the pictures you like. You can also upload and make albums of pictures you like and you can even search for specific pictures using relevant tags.



Make your goals and dreams into boards to reach the reality faster. Pinterest is a more organized way of exploring. You click on something you like and the door opens to 10 other similar things. Pinterest is great for the planned and professional, for example you are coming up with plans for decorating a bakery, make a board on pinterest and start adding pictures of every small little things like cupcake designs, a blue ceiling, bubbles etc that is going to make up your bakery and Pinterest is full of inspiration and ideas so the end result is definitely going to be a board scaling pictures of your bakery



Instagram is a destination of creatives. Artists, moulders, photographers, igers swap their ids on Instagram and explore the land of talents. This is one of those apps that can keep you up all night and is also an essential social network to participate in. Instagram is the best social networking app for the creative people available out there. Check out our upcoming article to know more about Instagram


 Quora and other blogs

Following blogs is the best way to get in touch with people like you in the world and see how they are doing their work and following their interests. Tumblr and wordpress blogs can help us see how real people are figuring out themselves and at the same time motivate us to do a better job. If you have no idea where to start google and read about people like you with similar interests, it’s going to help you form a clear picture. Another great source of information is Quora. Make it a habit to go on Quora everyday for at least 15 minutes, it’s great source of knowledge and every time you login you learn something new. Quora has many Indian users and is filled with discussions and facts that can send your brain to do a major workout session.



Stumbleupon is like a surprise restaurant; you fill in your preference and hit the button with no idea what page is going to turn up. While using this site make everything your preference even though you are not interested in everything because when you do start stumbling the content you get to read is going to be diverse and rich. This site can really help you to fill your computer with great ideas, tips and amazing D-I-Ys


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