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The UX Brouhaha: Why Is UX Design Important?

The UX Brouhaha: Why Is UX Design Important?

The study of UX design doesn’t require a particular degree or study

UX design is important because consumers psychologically relate to the visual appeal of absolutely anything

A good UX also helps generate jobs, which could efficaciously turn the tide of a fast depleting economy

Have you ever wondered what is it that separates us humans from the other species? Well, it is the ability to design. Right from the inception of society; mankind intelligently DESIGNED the environment to accord to a certain way of life. Design is in everything! This also includes the buildings around us, the way we sleep, eat, and communicate.

Typically the concept of UX (user experience) design can be traced back to the Roman era. According to Vitruvius (an architect who wrote the first-ever book on design), the yardsticks of good design lies in usefulness, aesthetics, and durability.

The Growing Importance

So how is UX heavily involved in the computing space?

Till before the 1970’s the computer were nothing but large machines that could be operated on the basis of code. After the 1970s when IBM introduced the first personal computer, the brand involved the incorporation of visual graphics to make the user experience more seamless. From then on, the concept of Human-computer interaction (HCI) gained prominence, giving impetus to UX.

What Is UX Design?

UX design involves the study of enhancing and elaborating the human-computer interaction, in order to make communication between man and machine more seamless, and intuitive.

Take on to keypads on smartphone devices. It involves the use of predictive text. You can now witness the use of predictive text while drafting an email as well (especially on

Study Requirements  

The study of UX design doesn’t require a particular degree or study. Students from a variety of fields, including those of cognitive psychology, social studies, and art have contributed their expertise in the field, building on the subject based on their study of human interaction. To be a good UX designer, one must be an avid reader and can start right on, by signing up for a few useful course tips.

Why Is UX Design Important?

We design in order to create ease of access in whatever we do. The idea is to break down the complications in HCI. This is done by involving (especially in today’s day and age) an array of products and services including augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and even visual graphics in order to bring users to the desired end with ease while using a defined service or application.

UX design is also important because consumers psychologically relate to the visual appeal of absolutely anything. The design gives them insight into the ease of access, and how fast they can arrive at the desired final destination. Which is precisely why the colors and shapes of the toggle buttons give the end-user a lot of information on how to navigate their way around the site.

A travel application should have a seamless design whereby users can book their flights, and hotels without having to clash into the various tabs that enable one to navigate the site. Take for instance. The programming backend is incessantly working towards creating a seamless design that enables ease of access for the user, not only on the web site but also on the iOS or Android applications.

The Usefulness And Benefits

A good UX design (application or website) will help yield numbers of every sort ranging from an expansive customer base to heightened profits. UX design can also help generate jobs at a rocket-fuelled pace. The easy design could help eliminate a number of processes, encouraging an applicant with minimal skill sets to go a long way.

Can we imagine the days before Uber and Ola came into being? Taxi drivers were expected to know the routes and famous city landmarks, at the blink of an eye. Today things are looking up, as a village immigrant stepping into city realms can become a taxi driver at a click of a button, from the very day they step foot in the city.

When Ola came into being there were a number of drivers who signed up for the job. The only requirement was, they were to know how to drive and navigate according to the map. Which means the required skill set is discounted because understanding the barriers of geographical nuances have been taken care of by an application. This gave an opportunity to a number of drivers to live and make a life in the city of their dreams.

The Disadvantages Of Not Having A UX

If the user end is not cleverly defined it could defeat the purpose of the idea, causing you to lose the numbers sharply. UX design is a constant innovative process. Designers are incessantly working at shaping the application to advantageously serve their customers.

Take MySpace for instance. It is one of the first social media networking sites before Facebook came into being. Once Facebook grooved in, it converted all MySpace users to flock onto every growing platform. MySpace flopped simply because it didn’t employ a clever UX design. Facebook on the other constantly adapts to the user’s experience and purpose.

A good UX design doesn’t only help generate profits, but helps generate jobs, which could efficaciously turn the tide of a fast depleting economy. It is a subject that is growing fast with the innovative ways of the computing world.

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