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The Biggest Challenges For Startup Productivity

The Biggest Challenges For Startup Productivity

Startup businesses today are characterized by long hours, above and beyond efforts and a stream of what at times can feel like an unmanageable workload. All the while leaders are looking to shape and define, constantly reworking and polishing their own unique offering.

Picture that, set against a backdrop of constant connectivity. Tools like Slack and Asana look to streamline processes, but nevertheless many find keeping on top of a brimming inbox can be a full-time job in itself. It has been estimated the average professional will send and receive 140 emails every day by 2018, a statistic that is quickly growing.

Noisy coworkers, multitasking between various activities, impromptu meeting and generally disruptive surroundings can furthermore add to the overwhelming flood of stimuli that actually prevents people from focusing and producing.

But is this constant distraction the biggest hindrance to productivity – these four entrepreneurs disagree. At the core of productivity they claim the biggest challenges lie elsewhere.

Lack Of Passion

“The biggest productivity killer in my mind is doing something you don’t absolutely love. Sure, distractions and an abundance of tools and technology can get in the way sometimes, but when you’re truly in love with what you do it’s usually motivation enough.”
Chris Buttenham, Tasytt

A Common Goal

“The biggest obstacle in productivity comes in being able to align the team towards a common objective, it is so important to make sure everybody knows what they are working towards. Without this vision team members can be demotivated.”
Sergio Torres, Blackartel

Understanding Why

“The biggest hindrance to a successful business and maximised productivity is lack of purpose. When people don’t feel connected to the why behind the task at hand, they’re far less motivated to see it through to the best of their abilities.”
Jordan Wills, Cloud9 Smarthome

Freedom To Create

“I believe the biggest hindrance to productivity, is not allowing employees to express their ideas and own their task. This can create resistance from employees and kill their productivity in the process.”
Ali Benmoussa, Searchub

Many new businesses today embrace flexible working hours, letting employees work from home on a regular basis. They trial task management systems, workflow frameworks and improved communication tools to cut out the noise – some are successful in aiding individuals, but often these solutions fail to address the heart of the issue.

By addressing these fundamental areas an entrepreneur can more effectively incite passion and drive not only higher levels of output, but also improved, through a motivated team driven to achieve success in a startup environment. When a team is set on a shared vision the flood of distractions becomes less of issue, and something that team members can more easily overcome.

Organizations are increasingly taking action to drive employee engagement as a priority. This is key for startups and SMBs, where the individual is more influential in a smaller pool of resource, with the power to shape the future direction of that business.

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