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Startup Vs MNC: What Will You Choose?

Startup Vs MNC: What Will You Choose?

Although a career in a big company has plenty of benefits such as job security and financial stability, working in a corporate world can result in a monotonous 10 to 6 job with little scope of growth. This is why many people, especially who are early in their career phase are choosing a startup career over a corporate job. Although it can be a tough ride, employees can possibly reap the benefits of the company’s success in the form of ESOPs, while learning a lot in a fast-paced environment.

Great things about working in a startup:

  1. More Responsibilities: There is a little room to waste money or the precious time on the employees who do not meet the expectations. Every role comes with great expectations. Responsibility is a good thing in the workplace, as one is considered a valued employee with an important role to play in the company. While more responsibility may equal more stress, it also means more reward – both on a personal and company level.
  2. Recognition: Working for a big corporate means an employee’s hard work might get un-recognized for the majority of the time especially at a junior level position. While at a startup one will receive instant recognition because everybody, including the company itself, is working in an entry-level position. In other words, the work you do at a startup is helping to build the company can never go unrecognized.
  3. Bonding with coworkers: Most startups with handful of people and thus there are ample opportunities for one to get to know the coworkers on a personal level. Startup environment fosters a team spirit, creating a bond with every person – from the founders to the interns.
  4. Steep Learning Curve: Startups are all about innovating. If the startup is in the ground-up stages, chances are one will have the opportunity to work directly with the creators, founders and geniuses that are trying to disrupt the status quo. The skills that one might develop and the knowledge that one might acquire in few months of working in startup are far more than one can learn in years in a corporate.
  5. New opportunities: The pay-checks in startups can be demotivating. But the opportunities it provides will far outweigh the paycheck. Working and growing with a startup means one will acquire skills and have experiences that one would never find in a corporate job.

To sum it up, the startup jobs are riskier but the benefits are ample. As Finance people say “Higher the risks, Higher the returns”

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