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How Working In A Startup Is Different From Working In An MNC

How Working In A Startup Is Different From Working In An MNC

The following are my personal views comparing working in a startup Vs an MNC. Also I am not saying one is better than the other, I am just pointing out how the life is when you’re in an MNC or a startup.

Working In A Multi-National Company

• Productive work hours 3–4 hours a day and rest of the time is spent chit-chatting with fellow co-workers, playing TT or in the cafeteria.

• Friday evenings are office parties where binge drinking happens. This also involves cursing your current company and the boss and cursing the people who are starting up.

• You’re secure and relaxed. You want to do things like travel the world, spend time with your girlfriend, go on a vacation, watch movies every weekend etc.

• Professional socialising takes a hit, the kind of people who meet on a daily basis are from your workplace mostly or someone in some random event or some clients.

• In most cases the work is not awesome, it’s okay and it’s repetitive where you have to make less creative decisions and more implementations of what has already been decided for you and you have targets for the same.

Working In A Startup

• In a good startup, productive work hours are from 7–10 hours, but when you go home you get a peaceful happy sleep because in most cases you love what you do.

• In early stage startups, you work six-seven days a week. Personal life takes a hit, you don’t have time to even call your parents forget about anything else.

• You’re insecure, you don’t know what will happen next. You’re not relaxed, you’re doing something all the time or coming up with ideas. This is not a bad thing because somehow it pushes you to your limits.

• Be it a small startup or a big one, the kind of people you meet and interact with on a daily basis are awesome, you get to meet other CEOs, gobal and regional heads, entrepreneurs, writers, video makers, actors etc. the professional circle grows a lot.

• Work is great in most cases, you get to decide what you do, you get to make creative calls, you get to execute plans and get shit done.