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15 Lessons Startups & Investors Can Learn From Santa

15 Lessons Startups & Investors Can Learn From Santa

It’s Christmas – the time of the year celebrated amidst tinsel, no matter how much trouble we have in our lives. Not only individuals, but also business owners also celebrate it while learning some cool marketing tips from Santa Claus, who’s been endowed with some remarkable qualities that we can all learn from. In fact, in many ways Santa teaches us many lessons of life and self-branding.

There are lots of things to learn from Santa, be it building an empire or making a unique brand.

Let’s start with the most important things which startups can learn from Santa.

Take Deadlines Seriously Or You’ll Be Hated

No excuses! No rationalization, no competitor forces, bad weather or whatever. Santa knows very well that presents must be made and should be delivered by December 25, every year WITHOUT FAIL. Just like santa entrepreneurs must learn he value of time. Set your deadline and Start WORKING ON IT!!!


Make a rocking team – They are the ones who make successful

In order to deliver millions of gift, Santa always takes help of his elves. It means Santa wouldn’t be Santa without his team. Yes, somebody rightly said that behind every great leader is a great team. Every team member knows that they can’t make it on their own. In order to provide the level of service you want, surprise and delight customers – it’s time to get your own rocking team.


Learn to Market Yourself 

Being reliable, create raving fans, build trust and grow his Christmas Empire is an example of amazing marketing skills. For startup founders, knowing their customer and their needs is also a part of marketing. With the help of this, entrepreneurs can also build one of the most recognizable brands that ever existed.


 Never do things Halfway Because You Must fulfill your Commitment

Santa never disappoints children. He always completes his task of delivering gifts on time. No halfway target at all!!! Like Santa, entrepreneurs should always be reliable and dedicate themselves for the customers. Always look at the bigger picture. And dont be like this:


 Reward Good Behavior – Goes a Long Way

Santa always rewards good behavior. Entrepreneurs can build their brands by rewarding “good” behavior too! Did a customer buy more than usual? Reward them with a discount or an extra perk. Send a special present or gift certificate to say “thank you.”


Rewarding good behavior not only shows the customer your appreciation, it encourages them to do it again!

Power of Consistency – Makes you achieve the unachievable

Santa is consistent. Year after year, without fail delivering presents to children makes his brand consistent. Santa has figured out his values. Just like him, Entrepreneurs must be consistent about those things that matter most to their customers. Entrepreneurs must craft a consistent message and reinforce it to their customers time to again.


Remember to thank – Being Grateful Pays Well

Santa always remembers to thank all those who love him. Startup owners must understand the importance of connecting personally with their customers. Do not forget to thank your customer base who is making your business successful day after day. 

thanks to customer

Do your Research – You Need A Stepping Stone To Move Ahead

Santa is very thorough with his research. His research never fails. Being prepared for everything boosts his credibility. He is aware of everything, where we live, what we need. Business owners must have some credibility, because in real world credibility is everything. They should be prepared for everything before any task. Entrepreneurs should know about the needs of their customer. Without research businesses are always at a higher risk.


Remember your strengths – Nothing is Better that Self-Evaluation

Santa knows and taps into the strengths of his “reindeers.” Santa, who never gave up on Rudolph, finally tapped him to shine, “Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?”Great entrepreneurs exceptionally spot people’s strengths and focus on improving these to the point that they can overwhelm the weaknesses. They take time to develop and bring out the best from their people despite their weaknesses, and despite their shortcomings.


Be one of a kind – Being idiosyncratic helps you stand out of crowd

Santa has built an image like no one else: long gray beard, velvety red suit, and shiny black boots. Santa has a catch phrase, “Ho, Ho, Ho….Merry Christmas!!” These unique qualities make Santa brand unmistakable symbol it is today! Entrepreneurs should look at their business, and think what can be done to make it stand out from the crowd? Think of having unique image.


Entrepreneurs must find their uniqueness and do something big to stand apart from the competition!

And, who says Santa has lessons only for startups, investors can also learn so many things from Santa.

Be Kind enough, don’t think of returns

Sometimes we all act selfishly and greedily. He gives the message to be good. By being good he means being kind, generous, considerate and thoughtful. Investors should also be generous, considerate and thoughtful. They should invest openly in innovative and unique projects without hesitation. At the end, investors also have a share in profit.


Listen to Startup Requests – The More You Listen, The More You Gain

Santa always listens to our requests and reads our letters. He takes the time to hear out and pays attention. Investors should also listen to startup requests and read their emails atleast. They should stop being judgmental against startup without knowing their plans and at least pay attention towards them.


After all Flipkart, Snapdeal,, OlaCabs and many other startups have delivered extraordinarily.

Choose credit rather than money – It’s not always about Money

Santa delivers millions of gifts to kids and demands nothing in exchange (except a smile on their face). He doesn’t need to be applauded. Investors can do more than they think they can. Sometimes they should look for credit not for the future profit in terms of money while investing in startups. They can practice random acts of kindness quietly, simply, without bringing attention to ourselves.


Be interested in people around you – Socializing teaches a lot

Santa laughs when people hug him. He cares. We matter to him. Investors should also connect with startups. It is important and makes a difference. They should not avoid meeting with startups, despite of their interest in investing.

 stay interested do not avoid

Reliable – Be Someone One Can Count On

Santa is painstakingly reliable. Investors should also be reliable. Startups always bank upon their reliability and thus investors should never let their startups down.


Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.