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Smart Ways To Optimise The Frequency Of Emails 

Smart Ways To Optimise The Frequency Of Emails 

Even professionals are not sure about the ideal frequency to maintain while sending  emails to clients. It has remained a topic of discussion for everyone involved in a similar practice. We all have experienced the pain of getting tons of unsolicited promotional emails every day. Such messages keep on arriving in our inbox and we just cannot help it. Being a service provider, you need to understand and maintain the ideal frequency while sending the emails so that the users do not get detached with the services.

Today’s users are just not likely to entertain emails that arrive in bulk. Instead, they would like to unsubscribe the service. Thus, to let the users remain happy with the services, remember the points we are going to discuss below. Sending frequent emails may also negatively impact the receivers’ trust on the service providers and thus, it is again important not to indulge in such practices.

Here is a detailed discussion on the points that must be kept in mind while generating email leads for the clients.

A considerable gap between the emails

There is no point in sending emails to the users if they go unnoticed. The practice of sending emails gets accomplished if users open and read the same. In order to help your email register its accomplishment among the users, we advise you to send it on a working day rather than circulating the same on a holiday.

Sending emails on holidays may not get any attention from receivers, which is fatal for any business. Instead of shooting these corporate messages on holidays, try sending them on working days. People are more likely to check their mails on regular days prior to starting their day in the office. Hence, you can get benefitted from the same.

The perfect time of day to send email

Choosing the time of the day when a person is at his/her desk is a good idea. It is the time of the day when professionals are busy working on their projects, they are sure to check the emails once in a while. Thus, sending emails during late afternoons is the trick to get it opened by the clients. This will also brush away the requirement of sending early-morning emails.

More to this, service providers who choose to send their emails in the evening may fail as it is the time of the day when most of the workers leave their offices after shutting down the systems. Hence, choosing an ideal time of the day helps an email fulfil its purpose.

Consistency with emails and newsletters

It is always a great idea to remain consistent with the emails and newsletter you are sending to the clients. Different users have a different mindset and thus, there is no perfect count of sending emails in a single day. However, the most important thing is that you must maintain consistency while sending these professional messages to the clients.

A number of researches show that service providers send a heap of messages on a particular day and then there is no notification the next day. Such gestures are just fatal for the business and also affect the senders’ credibility. Thus, work closely to figure out the ideal consistency of sending emails to clients.

Work on the ideal frequency

There is no scale available for idealising the frequency of emails that are sent to clients. Fortunately, the type of business you are into and the previous campaigning data could help you set an ideal count for the next campaign. The information through this research could help the service providers draw a fine line between too often and not enough.

Getting clients’ attention is the ultimate aim of sending these messages that could also get accomplished ideally with product-focused emails. Content driven newsletters have also got the capacity of getting in the clients’ attention. Of all the suggestions what matters the most is the use of value-added content so that users find it worth to spend their time over your emails.


Subscribers play an important role in helping emails get the success. They are, of course, the last in the thread of analysing, creating, and marketing an email, but their approval matters the most when it comes to making a successful campaign. Try to keep in mind the points that have been discussed here, in order to please the clients through robust campaigns.

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