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Recruitment Guide: How to Hire Programmers

Recruitment Guide: How to Hire Programmers

Hiring the right programmers can be a game-changing aspect to business success. One sidestep can make or break a business. There is a huge demand for talent which makes it very challenging for recruitment managers and employers to hire programmers who are qualified experts in the industry. You cannot afford to lose a great developer to competition so you must have an eye for right talent and get to spot one quickly.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to successfully hire programmers for your organisation:

Hire Programmers Who Can Outsource On Different Channels

While there are easy targets for outsourcing platforms, you can find a diverse pool of talent and skilled programmers if you post at different job sites and even on your social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Facebook groups. The more people you reach; the better options you have for your business.

Make Sure To Hire Programmers Who Can Programme

Many people claim that they are programmers but fail straightforward and basic programming tests.

It’s not just the actual programming skill that you test in this phase; you must determine the perks of hiring an individual aside from the basic programming skills. First, you must be able to assess and verify that they are indeed programmers by looking at their credentials, resume, past work, and checking on coding examples or demonstration of their programming skills.

Check on their accuracy and compatibility with your organisation with personality and psychometric tests from platforms such as Mettl. You can also hire around two to three programmers for a trial period to test if they can indeed deliver results as expected or comply with the requirements of tasks. Check to see who produces the most accurate results at the fastest possible time.

Check To See If They Have The Exact Skills You Need

Sure thing, there are a lot of potentially great candidates for the programmer role, but who has got the correct expertise and competency you need? You must take note of the requirements and qualifications necessary for the position and determine who exactly is a great match for the skillset that you are looking for.

Take note of your database server and the experience or qualification needed to man that. More so, customer relationship management (CRM) systems are also diverse and complicated. You would need someone who is experienced in this and has skills in the same category.

Also, check to know the versions of programming languages that the programmer is experienced and skilled at. They must also know the recent upgrades that can be integrated into the organisation’s system.

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All In An Organisation

While hiring a jack-of-all-trades may be an attractive and cost-effective idea – this is not entirely possible. You cannot hire one person to do everything in a seamless fashion. Hire an expert to do the tasks you need in accord to their areas of specialisation.

Hire a programmer and a designer to do separate jobs so you get the results you want for your business.

They Should Be A Good Fit For Company Culture

While some people may be considered expert in the field of programming, they may not make it to the cut if they are not a good match for the company culture. Check to see if they are able to successfully collaborate with the rest of the team and if they are experienced with the same methodologies and development tools needed for programming requirements in these specific environments.

They say that cultural fit is the strongest predictor of organisational success. You can also try hiring from within the community so you know the potential candidates are familiar with the company culture and wouldn’t have much difficulty in adjusting to the team and the entire organisation.

Hire Programmers Who Can Work Full-time

If you are looking for an expert programmer, then you must hire one for a full-time role. A web-based software is constantly evolving and upgrades or tweaks are constantly needed to keep everything in top shape. A part-time programmer is there for a short stint then you might risk his loyalty and expertise going to competitors or somewhere else in the business.

The job is never finished when it comes to programming and you would need an expert to be right on the site if in case there are bugs or glitches in the system that needs to be eradicated. Also, programmers are looking for a full-time job and a company that will keep them in the wings for the long term.

Hire Programmers Who Are Experienced With Frameworks

Experienced programmers are versatile and have wide experience in working with different frameworks. Hire a programmer who is experienced with Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, or Django. Make sure they are certified in these too.

You get to save more time and resources by working with expert and experienced programmers, who are well-versed with different programming languages. This also makes it easier to maintain and hand down to other programmers in the course of the project.

In Conclusion

While there are no magic formulas in hiring programmers, you can actually hire the right programmer to add up to your team of experts by using these tips and tricks.

Hiring people is complicated and challenging as it is – finding the right programmer can be extra tricky as well.

You must take everything at face value but also look into the things that are undecipherable at the moment. Keep the advice that works for your organisation and discard those that don’t. Always keep an open mind to things. This list works and makes real sense in the programming world but it is entirely up to you to get the best out of the circumstances.

The goal should not just be to hire a programmer but to create and enforce a connection or a match with the employee or contractor and the organisation. This makes perfect sense and works like a pro for your brand.

[This post by Nikshep Mehra first appeared on Mettl’s official blog and has been reproduced with permission.]

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